People will always remember how you make them feel

Nice to meet you!

Are you looking for a hospitality trainer who really understands your company values, the needs of your employees, and can take it to the next level? Then you possibly ended up on the right website at the right time.

Let’s introduce ourselves briefly, so you know who is in front of you. Starting with ‘why’ a training center like MOODZ guest experience:

“We want to inspire companies to prioritize positive guest experiences, to ensure every guest or customer will step out of the door in a good mood and does come back.”

How do we do that?

The hospitality training consists of 6 different steps. Each step will take your employees closer to delivering outstanding guest experiences. Different subjects are being trained on, to ensure employees are confident in delivering positive guest experiences in various situations. And able to recognize guest needs.

Your employees will interact, reflect, realise, learn, and experience all about positive guest experiences. The guest experience is leading throughout every training.

For whom?

For all organisations who want to take their service standards to the next level. Like retail, hotel, events, financial, automotive businesses.
And not to forget for schools, where students are being prepared for the real business.

What training do we offer?

Thanks for asking! The following training sessions are conducted by us:

Energy boost!

These valuable and inspiring training sessions transform your employees into real good MOOD Creators!


The (potential) trainer within your company is being prepared to train employees now and in the future.

Reality check!

An efficient way to map out the current corporate culture. The trainer is the new employee within the company for several days.


Do your guests feel welcome? Mystery Guests will pay you a visit and focus on the ‘why’ and ‘how’.

Successful companies have at least one thing in common: they prioritize positive guest experiences.

Through effective hospitality training, coaching sessions, on the job training and our mystery guest service, we collectively go for ultimate guest experiences within your company.

The final goal? Make sure every guest or customer leaves your company in a good mood and does come back. 

To shed a light on our various services, please press the yellow buttons. 

Prioritize positive guest experiences?

You can always call us or send us a message. We are happy to take up the challenge together!