Francis Lansink

Francis Lansink, Hospitality Trainer and founder of MOODZ guest experience

At first: nice to virtually meet!

My background lies in the hospitality industry, where, today still my heart is beating for. 

I was born in St. Isidorushoeve, a small village in the East of Holland, the youngest of a family of four. At an idyllic restaurant near the water mill in Diepenheim, I started my first job. This is where I already learned the importance of positive guest experiences. After my study at hotel school, I moved abroad. For more than 12 years, I worked for several 5* hotels (InterContinental Hotels & Resorts, Conrad Hotels & Resorts) in London, Abu Dhabi and Bangkok. Back in The Netherlands I stepped into the organization of Olympic projects for the Dutch market. 

During my career at InterContinental Hotel Abu Dhabi, I participated in the FISH! philosophy training. This philosophy is transformed into a story about the Pike Place fish market in Seattle (a true attraction for years!). The story explains the power of positive guest experiences through interactions with guests along with the beauty & happiness as a result of this. A real eye-opener! 

Inspired by the power of positive guest experiences and in particular by the “FISH!” philosophy, I am a certified hospitality trainer since 2017. I realized, to improve positive guest experiences, ongoing training is immense valuable for any company that deals with guests or customers.

Our mission is to inspire companies to prioritize positive guest experiences, to ensure every guest or customer will step out of your door in a good mood and does come back.  

“So, let’s create good MOODZ!