Francis Lansink

Francis Lansink



Inspiration comes to you at the most unexpected moments. It is wonderful to feel inspired; you are in a good mood and cannot wait to implement your ideas! Hopefully, this page is just that: a variety of new ideas, which you can occasionally return to for more inspiration. May it end up in beautiful things for you and your guests!

Selling is…

Last week I spontaneously pressed that orange button to sign up for an annual program of SmartGirls. In the workbook of week 1,  Simone Levie says:  “Selling is helping your guest”. Exactly! Even if you send your guest to your competitor. Perfumery A month ago, I walked into a shopping mall and entered a perfumery store for my Clinique face powder – which I have been using for over 20 years. I was approached very kindly by an employee who noticed that I wanted to be assisted. “Matte beige No. 2” was out of stock. She was happy to order it

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