Inspiration comes to you at the most unexpected moments. It is wonderful to feel inspired; you are in a good mood and cannot wait to implement your ideas! Hopefully, this page is just that: a variety of new ideas, which you can occasionally return to for more inspiration. May it end up in beautiful things for you and your guests!

Compliments. Do you often give them?

Do you remember the last time someone gave you a genuine compliment? Recently or has it been a while? Probably this compliment made quite an impression on you and made you feel appreciated, right?   March 1st is Compliments Day!  This day is all about giving genuine compliments.   Hans Poortvliet created the National Compliments Day in 2003 – just for fun. Meanwhile, Compliments Day is a global phenomenon.  Giving a compliment I’m Dutch and in general our nation is not so comfortable in giving compliments. We often have to overcome several barriers before we feel comfortable doing so. If we

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7 tips for a flourishing corporate culture

We’re all in a bizarre situation. Covid-19 reigns. There are no clear prospects for the future, while many organisations are struggling to survive. Is your company closed at this time because of the rules and regulations in connection with the coronavirus? Especially in this case, it is crucial to invest in a flourishing corporate culture by prioritizing hospitality services. Because you want your excellent and loyal employees back as soon as you can open the doors again. Right?  Successful companies have one thing in common:  these all have a flourishing corporate culture. Do you strive for success? Then prioritize realising

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