Hospitality Training

6 steps to prioritize positive guest experiences

Do you meet the expectations of your guests? If so, you are doing a good job. But what if you take that extra step and even exceed expectations? Then you will put a smile on many faces. That smile, that’s why you do it. The difference you make depends on the small things. Think of a personal greeting upon entry, a little surprise that the guest did not expect and showing genuine interest. A small gesture will often have huge positive impact.

“Prioritize courtesy and compassion over efficiency!”

Fred Lee, author of the book “If Disney ran your hospital”

Get started! We are happy to assist you and your employees through 6 hospitality training courses; you have the choice to go for half- or full-day workouts. Have a look at the below for more details on each training course:

1. Introduction of Hospitality

Once completed this training course, your employees can dream the basic rules of hospitality. And as important: they will also know how to integrate this back at work. The foundation for hospitality within your company has been established!

2. Guest Journey

The guest journey starts when the guest starts orienting him/ herself both online and offline. All touch points are being discussed in detail, with a direct link to sales growth. What to expect: team assignments, brainstorming sessions and learning by asking questions. Spoiler alert: the enthusiasm and responsibility of the group will continue to increase!

3. Communication Styles

So many people with so many wishes. Okay, we admit, it is not the most surprising info, but it is the truth. To meet and exceed the needs of others, you first need to get to know yourself and know what you stand for. All this (and more!) will be tested and discussed. Oh yes, we too like to surprise!

4. Handling Objections

Dealing with objections: not always an easy task. Fortunately, it is also not an impossible task, provided you learn to approach objections with an open view and to transform these into positive guest experiences. Exactly these things are addressed at step four of the process. It will not go to our heads; however, the confidence will definitely rise!

5. Solution Selling

"Sales, not my thing at all" is a statement we regularly hear. Unfortunately! Our experience has taught us that there is a salesperson in every person; the skills just need to be developed. As soon as your colleagues become aware of the impact they can make on the guest's buying motives, they will undoubtedly be interested in more!

6. Mystery Guest Shopping

We already reached the last part of the training course: mystery guest shopping. Sounds mysterious, don't you think? In real life it is very exciting. Your employees will pay a visit to your competitors. A very fun and educational experience. An experience your employees will always remember!

Prioritize positive guest experiences?

You can always call us or send us a message. We are happy to take up the challenge toghether!