Mystery Guest Service

Mystery guest service: an efficient way to monitor and guarantee a certain level of guest service within your company

In what way do guests or customers experience your company?  

To find out, organize a Mystery Guest visit on a regular basis. This is a smart step forward. 

Who are our Mystery Guests? Experienced and passionate people from the hospitality industry – that’s all we say (yet). 

Our Mystery Guests will check the quality of service using a checklist. The Mystery Guest’s experiences – before, during and after a visit to your company – is the main focus. Hospitality is not about perfection. At the end, it is the overall guest experience that affects the satisfaction of your guest or customer.

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Laura De la Mar

Nice to meet expectations of your guest or customer. But exceeding expectations is your final goal. After all, exceeding expectations has a huge influence on the success of your business. 

Positive experiences are shared, both offline and online, loyalty is increasing and – with a bit of luck – your guests or customers will come back too!

Please note, it is important to regularly organize a Mystery Guest visit for your company. This not only shows bottlenecks in your operation, but also keeps you and your employees on their toes. 

After each visit, the results of the experience are reported. Then it is time for what we love most: to come up with effective solutions to take away the actual bottlenecks. Do you dare? 

Prioritize positive guest experiences?

You can always call us or send us a message. We are happy to take up the challenge together!