On The Job Training

On the Job Training: know what is going on

Get introduced to ‘’on the job training’’. This is how we work: a MOODZ trainer is involved in the operation for several days. The trainer is supervised by several employees, experiences the corporate culture at the same time and tries to find out the challenges and needs of the employees. Like a salary increase? Don’t worry. No, not that direction.

Challenges are being discussed and appropriate solutions are presented. These are developed by the employees themselves, with the assistance of the trainer and the management of the company. An open corporate culture and support from management is essential; only then do employees feel comfortable enough to be open and honest. The result: empowered employees. 

“Happy people
happy people”
Denise Austin

Why is it so important to empower employees? Well, when employees are empowered, they tend to feel more valued and as a result of this, it increases pleasure at work, loyalty and the sense of responsibility. The chances of your guest or customer leaving in a good mood and coming back will be much higher. 

Prioritize positive guest experiences?

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